I can tailor my service to suit your needs, so the best starting point is to identify which of your current tasks you would like to offload. Think to yourself: if I had a secretary, what would I ask her to do?

efficient virtual assistant working at a tidy desk

Some specific examples might be:

Client A runs an online shop. They find that many customers make simple typing errors when inputting their addresses. Spotting, checking and fixing these errors is not the best use of the business manager’s time – but I can spend a short time every day connected to their database correcting the addresses as they come in, so that the invoices and delivery labels are ready to print.

Client B is a skilled painter/decorator, but is not entirely comfortable with computers and office software. His customers want written quotes to compare and consider. After visiting a potential customer to quote for a job, he can phone me from his mobile and dictate the details of the quote – I can then get it neatly typed up on his letterhead and posted out to his potential customer on the same day.

Client C has a large network of friends and business contacts to whom they wish to send birthday and Christmas cards. They can supply me with a box of signed cards – I can make sure they get sent to the right people at the right time.

I can do research, copy-writing, proof-reading, data entry, customer service… the possibilities are endless.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss your requirements.