a green pound sterling symbolThe exact sum charged will depend on exactly what it is you want me to do, and for how long. I can tailor my charging scheme to each individual client to make sure we arrive at a mutually agreeable fee that is fair for the work involved.

However, that’s not going to help you decide whether or not to engage my services.

So as a starting point, I charge around £8 per hour for my time on its own.

If the tasks you want me to do require additional materials, such as postage stamps, envelopes, or folders, then I will ask you to either provide these materials, or I can source them myself and add the costs to your invoice.

a green pound sterling symbolThis structure is so that clients who require services which demand little by way of material resources (such as data entry) do not have to pay a higher fee to subsidise clients who require high-resource services (such as creating and mailing invoices). You pay for what you use.

Simply contact me and we can work out a pricing scheme that is fair for both of us for the specific tasks you want me to do.