Here’s feedback from some of the businesses I have worked with…

“Hi Mary,

Just wanted to say thank you! You have done a great job for such a short time and little cost. Will definitely recommend you!”

Edgar Vasiluk, YouMyWorld Wedding Photography and Videography

a satisfied customer has time for a cuppa

“Hi Mary,

Just wanted say thanks for the work you did for us, we are very impressed with the service and you will definitely be hearing from us again in the future, probably sooner than you think.

We will definitely be recommending you to others.”

Trena Connors, Fitz2Kleen

“Thanks very much for your copy, very impressed, and will definitely be using you again!”

Stratford Tourist Information

“We are very grateful to Mary for the work she did for us. She proved herself to be a reliable and conscientious individual who worked quickly and with great commitment. I have no hesitation in recommending her services to others.”

Chris O’Reilly, Presto Classical

“Hi Mary,

Just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for your fantastic work on our recent press release. I kinda dropped you in the deep end when I asked for it to be turned around asap, but you delivered!”

Tim Collins, Plinkk Photography

“Hi mary,

Please excuse any grammer mistakes lol.

Been going through the pages you sent in depth and started to add what you have sent me to include on my site.

All of it is perfect, i could never word it the way you have for me. Suttle changes in words, how its put. it makes a big difference. thank you.

How you did it so quick i will never know”

Sean Mcloughlin, Fish and Seafood Direct

“Great work Mary – looking forward to continuing working with you in future.”

Anna Tillman, Web of Wool

All feedback posted online has been used only with the clients