Virtual Assistant? What’s that?

a red question-markA Virtual Assistant is like a regular office assistant, the difference being that I work remotely as a self-employed person, in my own space and using my own equipment, rather than as a PAYE employee coming into your premises every day. Instead of paying me a wage and contracting me to work particular hours, you will tell me what you need me to do and I will invoice you for my services.

Who uses a Virtual Assistant?

a red question-markVirtual Assistants are an ideal solution for small businesses or sole traders who don’t want a full-time employee, but need someone to take over a few of those simple yet time-consuming tasks so that they can be free to use their own time and skills more effectively for the needs of their business.

A Virtual Assistant can also be a useful addition to your existing workforce as a one-off at particularly busy times, such as when you are launching a new product or marketing campaign.

I am also happy to work with private individuals who need admin or secretarial support, for example typing up CVs or sending out thank you cards.

So what sort of thing does a Virtual Assistant do?

a red question-markThat really depends on what you want me to do. After all, you’re the one who knows about the needs of your company and how an extra person could be most usefully deployed. I can’t come to your premises and make the tea, but I can cover most of the other functions of a traditional office assistant. Please visit the Services page for examples.

So why should I choose you?

a red question-markUnlike many Virtual Assistants, I’m not offering to dynamically transform your entire business and take over the running of it until global domination is achieved. That’s your job.

What I am offering, is an affordable service for keeping on top of the tedious and time consuming admin tasks which are currently preventing you from doing that job.

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Get to the point… how much do you charge?

Please see my Pricing guide, or contact me to discuss your needs and get a quote.